5 Countries With The Cheapest Cannabis


5. South Africa

In South Africa, the price per gram of marijuana fluctuates around $ 4.45 per gram. This is about half as cheap as the average price per gram of marijuana in states where marijuana is legal and you can enjoy it without risking criminal liability. However, it should be made sure that when buying marijuana in South Africa, it comes from a reliable source, because some reports have shown that dealers add mines to it. rat poison, creating a dangerous drug called “nyope”.

4. Afghanistan

Marijuana in Afghanistan has been cultivated for centuries, until 1973, when marijuana and opium became illegal. The average price per gram of marijuana in Afghanistan is about $ 4.35. There are many places to find cannabis fields, but be careful not to hit the area where the war is taking place. In 2012, many American soldiers took pictures of cannabis plants.

3. India

The drop in the price of marijuana can be felt in India, where the average price per gram is $ 3. Cannabis in India is widespread and deeply rooted in local culture. They also have excellent conditions there for growth, especially in the northern part of India. Shiva’s night, falling out at the turn of February and March is the most important Hinduism festival devoted to the worship of Shiva. This is the day when the law in India prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana officially ceases to apply.

2. Brazil

Brazil is a country known around the world for several things: the Jesus statue, beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, beautiful women and marijuana for $ 2.41! How can you not love her here?

1. Uruguay

Uruguay is the best place in the world for smoking marijuana, because both cultivation and its own use is legal (in certain quantities), but it is also the place where you can buy the cheapest marijuana in the world. I play Uruguay on average $ 1.2.